Group Coaching

Welcome to our Group Coaching Training Program

“You have been born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life”.

Group Coaching is a facilitative process that leverages the experience of a group of individuals which may or not work together. Professional coaches use this coaching much more nowadays because it often can achieve more impact, more quickly and at lower cost.

Course Fee Inclusions

  • All Training Material, including video lectures
  • Assessment & Certification

Certification Process

  • Completion of Enrollment Form
  • Confirmation & Billing
  • Booking of Seat / Payment
  • Attendance of Study Lectures
  • Assessment & Certification

Group Coaching Course Outline (Syllabus)

Group Coaching Introduction

  • Course Introduction
  • The Learning Journey

Communication Techniques

  • Group Communication
  • Active & Reflective Listening
  • Paraphrasing
  • Empathetic Listening

Group Design

  • Designing the Content
  • Session Structure
  • Confidentiality & Trust
  • Ground Rules
  • Engaged Groups
  • Group Stages
  • Group Methodologies
  • Technology

Group Skills

  • Laser Speaking & Coaching
  • Role Playing
  • Common Problems
  • Challenging Participants

Business Foundation

  • The Reason & Purpose
  • Income & Schedule
  • A Coaching Structure
  • Coaching Content
  • Setting the Price
  • Models


  • Market Identification
  • Marketing Campaigns

Training Approach & Schedule

  • Approach: Webinar, e-Learning or Workshop Attendance
  • Duration:
    • e-Learning: 6 Months for Completion
    • Webinar: 6 Weeks
    • Workshop Attendance: 3 Days

Additional Benefits & Free Gift

  • Tools and templates for use in your own Coaching Practice.
  • Certification as a Group Coach with the option to register as a Coach specializing in Group Coaching with COMENSA  and/ or ICCA.
  • Inclusion in the worldwide LCA Alumni Network and database.
  • Membership of Club Up-livity and The Leadership Foundation.
  • Subject matter mentoring on demand and as per agreement.
  • Licensing for worldwide accreditation.

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