Leadership Coaching Training Program

“Leadership Coaching is a unique process of human development, one that works to change a person’s life for the better and help him or her achieve a number of specific objectives.”

Welcome to the Leadership Coaching Program. A management system doesn’t work without knowledgeable skilled managers capable of leading organisations. This program is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills as a management leader and help you put the most effective methods to work in your area of responsibility. In addition to understanding management as a system and management skills, you will gain a broader perspective of the larger organisational system.

Leadership coaching offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking to enhance their leadership skills. It provides personalised guidance, supports personal and professional growth, fosters self-awareness, enhances communication and relationship-building abilities, and empowers leaders to overcome challenges and maximise their potential.

We believe you will find this program valuable and interesting as your management career progresses. (This course is offered as part of the Business Coaching and Dynamic Master Coach Certification, but also offered as a standalone course.)

COMENSA Gold Status

Dynamic Business Coaching COMENSA Gold Approved Training CourseThe training we offer is world class and has been awarded the sought after “Gold Status” quality seal of approval by COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa).

What does "Gold" Status Mean?

The training provider offering this learning programme has accreditation from the South African Quality Council, either directly or by delegation. The learning programme approved is directly relevant to coaching or mentoring. The Training Provider provides training that aligns with the COMENSA Behavioural Standards Framework to enable the learner’s credentialing and has a minimum of two COMENSA-trained assessors, at least one of whom is a COMENSA-trained Evaluator.

Who Should Attend

  • Aspiring professional business coaches.
  • Certified life coaches, councellors, Neuro Linguistic Practitioners, mentors and consultants looking to upgrade their services and offerings.
  • Business unit managers, leaders, human resource specialists, department heads, team leaders, performance management specialists, mentors & trainers.
  • Anyone who wants to support other people in achieving a specific or professional goal.

Leadership Coaching Course Outline (Syllabus)

Management Leadership

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Management Leadership
  • The Development of Managers
  • The Evolution of Management Leadership
  • The Role of the Management Leader

Management as a System

  • A System’s Approach
  • The NRW Model
  • 5-Way Management
  • A Business Scorecard
  • The Work of a Manager
  • The Management Gap

Management Leadership Functions

  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Leading
  • Controlling

Management Leadership Activities

  • Most Important Management Activities

Management Toolbox

  • Management Tools to Increase the Effectiveness of the Management Leader
Leadership Coaching

Course Fee Inclusions

  • All Training Material, including video recordings where applicable
  • Live Online Training
  • Assessment & Certification
  • 120 Credits towards Dynamic Master Coaching Certification

Training Approach & Schedule

  • Approach: Webinar, e-Learning or Workshop Attendance
  • Duration:
    • e-Learning: 3 Months for Completion
    • Webinar: 12 Weeks
    • Workshop Attendance: 4 Days + Assignment

Leadership Coaching Certification Process

  • Completion of Enrollment Form
  • Confirmation & Billing
  • Booking of Seat / Payment
  • Online Contact Session Attendance. As per schedule from 19H00 – 21H00 during weekly sessions
  • Fieldwork
  • Assessment
  • Certification

Additional Benefits & Free Gift

  • Tools and templates necessary for your own Leadership Coaching Practice.
  • Certification as a Leadership Coach with the option to register as a Business Coach in the niche “Leadership” with COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) .
  • The benefit to register as an International Coach with International Coaches Register.
  • Inclusion in the worldwide LCA Alumni Network and database.
  • Subscription of The Leadership Foundationwith the option to upgrade to Gold or Platinum Membership.
  • Listing as a Coach in the Coaches Register with LEDISA Coaching Academy.
  • Subject matter mentoring on demand and as per agreement.
  • Licensing for worldwide registration.

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