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When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.”

Relationship Recovery Coaching is a niche model that is focusing on using the coaching relationship to facilitate change within behavioural patterns. It is coaching with a speciality in recovery from any relationship breakup, a painful situation and the experience of relationship trauma. (This is an area of specialization and we recommend enrollment after successful completion of the Dynamic Life Coaching Course.)

By enrolling in our Relationship Recovery Coaching course, you will gain valuable insights and practical tools to guide others through the healing process. With a comprehensive syllabus covering topics such as fear, loneliness, guilt, grief, self-worth, trust, sexuality, adaptation, anger, letting go, love, and freedom, you’ll acquire the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex emotions associated with relationship breakdowns.

Our course fee includes all training materials, including video lectures, ensuring that you have access to the resources needed to succeed. Upon completion of the enrollment process, confirmation, and billing, you’ll have a seat reserved, and your journey towards recovery coaching will begin. Through attendance at study lectures, assessments, and a certification process, you’ll emerge as a certified Relationship Recovery Coach, equipped to make a profound difference in people’s lives.

The benefits of our program extend beyond the certification. As a Relationship Recovery Coach, you’ll receive tools and templates that can be used in your own coaching practice, enabling you to support others effectively. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to register as a coach specializing in Relationship Coaching with renowned organizations such as COMENSA and/or The International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI), enhancing your professional credentials.

You’ll gain access to the esteemed LCA Alumni Network, a global community of like-minded individuals dedicated to personal growth and development. Membership of The Leadership Foundation, our exclusive platform, will provide ongoing support and resources to further enhance your coaching skills.

Join us on this transformative journey of healing and personal growth. Whether you aspire to build a successful coaching practice or simply desire to heal your own emotional wounds, our Relationship Recovery Coaching course offers the knowledge, tools, and community you need to thrive. Invest in yourself and unlock the power to guide others towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Course Fee Inclusions

  • All Training Material, including video lectures, where applicable
  • Assessment & Certification

Certification Process

  • Completion of Enrollment Form
  • Confirmation & Billing
  • Booking of Seat / Payment
  • Attendance of Study Lectures
  • Assessment
  • Certification
Relationship Recovery Coaching

Relationship Recovery Coaching Course Outline (Syllabus)


  • Course Introduction
  • The Relationship Recovery Process


  • The context of your fear
  • Befriend your fear
  • Dealing with fear


  • Stages of loneliness
  • Being alone


  • True Love, Marriage & Partnership
  • Your Dream Relationship
  • Meaning, Purpose & Vows
  • The Relationship Blueprint
  • Relationship Goals & Vision


  • The faces of grief
  • Symptoms of grief
  • Stages of grief
  • Working through grief


  • The importance of self-worth
  • Steps to a greater self-esteem


  • Family & childhood influences
  • Rebellion
  • Stormy & rough seas
  • Creating calmness
  • Leftovers


  • Styles of relationships
  • Feelings to actions
  • Rebuilding trust


  • One stage at a time
  • A date?
  • Getting back to normal
  • There’s more to life
  • Roles & rules
  • Be careful


  • Me & my shadow
  • Successfully single


  • Past, present & future
  • Your lifeline


  • The end is clear
  • From denial to acceptance


  • Healthy relationships
  • Adaptation strategies
  • Reasons for ending relationships
  • The responsibility bridge
  • Your inner critic
  • Take control


  • The hurt of rejection
  • Guilt
  • Dumper and dumpee
  • Dumping language
  • Down in the dumps


  • Phases of anger
  • Types of anger
  • Beneficial anger
  • Scapegoats & Martyrs
  • Venting & expressing anger
  • Beyond the breakup
  • Fair fighting methods
  • Assertive anger

Letting Go

  • Disentanglement
  • Hard work
  • Invest in yourself


  • Masks
  • Masking exposed
  • Who are you?
  • From masks to openness


  • Falling in love with love
  • Unconditional love
  • Styles of loving
  • Love yourself


  • Growing relationships & affairs
  • Emotional relationships
  • Therapeutic relationships
  • Healthy termination


  • Breathing in thin air
  • Becoming free
  • The children of freedom

Training Approach & Schedule

  • Approach: Webinar, e-Learning or Workshop Attendance
  • Duration:
    • e-Learning: 6 Months for Completion
    • Webinar: 20 Weeks
    • Workshop Attendance: 5 Days

Additional Benefits of our Relationship Recovery Coaching Program

  • Tools and templates for use in your own Coaching Practice.
  • Certification as a Relationship Recovery Coach with the option to register as a Coach specializing in Relationship Coaching with COMENSA  and/ or The International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI).
  • Inclusion in the worldwide LCA Alumni Network and database.
  • Membership of The Leadership Foundation.
  • Subject matter mentoring on demand and as per agreement.

Cost & Payment

  • Contact our Admin Office Below for Details on Training Cost & Scheduling for this Relationship Recovery Coaching Training Program

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