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Welcome to Life Coach Academy, a division of LEDISA Academy (Pty) Ltd. LEDISA Academy  is  a leading provider of quality work based learning and training solutions and resources throughout the world, from Government funded skills training, corporate training, personal development, coaching, mentoring, counseling, bespoke professional qualifications through to employability services and the development of people through growth and quality training course material. As a division of LEDISA Academy, our Life 

Coach Academy team has been helping to drive excellence with comprehensive learning and development programmes designed to assist all aspects of Coaching since the early 1990’s. As an industry leader, we have trained thousands of coaches worldwide. The quality of our trainers is unparalleled. We have the most rigorous standards of any coach training organisation. Wherever you are in the world, you can be assured of the exemplary and consistent standard of our highly trained course leaders.

All the information in this video is still applicable except the dates for 2022.

Dynamic Life Coach Training

Online Webinars

Course 1: Thursdays, 22 March – 28 June 2022
Course 2: Tuesdays, 23 August – 29 November 2022


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What is Relationship Coaching?

Professional Business Coaching

Life Coaching is all about helping people get from where they are in their life to where they want to be.

Since Noah’s time, long before relationship coaching was invented, people have been in pairs. 

Business coaching is a relationship between a business owner and a coach, assisting in pursuing a vision. 

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