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Welcome to LEDISA Coaching Academy (Life Coach Academy)

LEDISA Coaching Academy is a leading provider of quality work-based learning and training solutions and resources throughout the world, from Government-funded skills training, corporate training, personal development, coaching, mentoring, counselling, bespoke professional qualifications through to employability services and the development of people through growth and quality training course material. 

As a division of LEDISA Coaching Academy, our Coaching Development team has been helping to drive excellence with comprehensive learning and development programmes designed to assist all aspects of Coaching since the early 1990’s. 

As an industry leader, LEDISA Coaching Academy has trained thousands of coaches worldwide. The quality of our trainers is unparalleled. We have the most rigorous standards of any coach training organisation. Wherever you are in the world, you can be assured of the exemplary and consistent standard of our highly trained course leaders.

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Dynamic Life Coach Training

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Next Course: Thursdays 19h00 – August to November 2024

This course is designed to help you become a high-quality life coach.

By the end of the course, you will have learnt to employ coaching principles, use different coaching models, ask insightful questions, understand basic human needs, provide effective feedback, and overcome resistance.

You’ll also receive guidance on opening your own practice, marketing your services, and access to over 100 life coaching tools. Certification as a Life Coach, with the option for national and international registration, is available.

This course is suitable for aspiring coaches, counsellors, managers, leaders, HR specialists, and anyone who wants to support others in achieving their goals.

Our Most Popular Courses

Life Coaching is all about helping people get from where they are in their life to where they want to be.

Since Noah’s time, long before relationship coaching was invented, people have been in pairs. 

Business coaching is a relationship between a business owner and a coach, assisting in pursuing a vision. 

Listen ... Look ... Learn

The Language of Influence

In the Dynamic Master Coach Training program, you’ll learn to become a successful Life Coach, Business Coach, and Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation Practitioner. You’ll also learn how to build a competency-based and integrity-driven coaching practice. The training will help you understand human behaviour and is valuable for anyone interested in life coaching, business coaching, and Christian NLP.

This course by LEDISA Coaching Academy includes demonstrations, personal growth focus, and management skills for effectiveness in a business environment. The programme includes practice sessions with two volunteer life coaching clients, as well as two volunteer business coaching clients from LEDISA Coaching Academy.

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